In today’s real estate market with declining credit scores and economic stress, it has become increasingly important not only to properly market your property to quickly find a tenant, but to also find qualified tenants that will continue to pay their rent on time.

The Cope Team Does the Following to Rent your Property:

  1. Market your property on over 25 Websites.
  2. Create a Virtual Tour so that your property can be seen prominently via the Internet.
  3. Market your property in various local publications.
  4. Create marketing flyers to effectively promote your property.
  5. Show your property to potential tenants.

Qualifying The Tenant and Renting your Property

  1. Each potential tenant must complete our Tenant Application Form, which includes information about their past landlord(s), employers and information about themselves, which we verify for accuracy by contacting their references.
  2. Conduct a Credit, Eviction and Criminal Background Check.
  3. Negotiate rental terms, conditions and prices on your behalf.
  4. Ensure all required forms are properly completed and provided to Homeowners / Condo Owners Associations in a timely manner.
  5. Create and complete the Lease to Contract and have our Attorneys draw up the Lease between you and your new tenant.
  6. Perform the Initial walk through as well as the Final walk through of your property.