Relocating to a new community can be extremely stressful. Not only does relocating involve starting a new job, enrolling your children in a new school, learning your way around a new community, and making new friends, it also involves finding housing – a task that can be difficult if you’re not familiar with the area. You may also need to have housing in place before you arrive. And let’s face it; searching for a home from hundreds of miles away is no easy task.

This is where we can help. The Cope Team can help you throughout every step of the relocation process. From selecting a residential area that complements your lifestyle as well as your budget to communicating with landlords and streamlining the application process, we can give you an inside advantage in the current local market. And the best part? You can do most of the work of finding a new home from your current one. In fact, you can find your dream rental or a home to purchase before you pack the first box.

Not only can you search for properties on our site, we are also here to help you determine your best housing options. No one knows the real estate market like we do, and we excel at placing families in the right homes in the right communities. After all, you can only learn so much from a listing and a few pictures, we will do the legwork and research necessary to get you in the perfect home.

Once you find the perfect home, we will negotiate with the sellers or landlords on your behalf. You already have enough to do. Having us on your team will make the relocation process smoother and quicker than you ever thought possible. Contact us for more information about moving to our exciting community.